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Statistics from 6576 Live Servers
  • In Detail
    Minecraft Versions Used: 10
    Most Used Version: 1.16
    Least Used Version: 1.11
    Average Plugins: 35.15419
    Maximum Plugins: 238
    Minimum Plugins: 1
    Average CPU Cores: 5.9076
    Maximum CPU Cores: 100
    Minimum CPU Cores: 1
    Average RAM Megabytes: 2769.50866
    Maximum RAM Megabytes: 112640
    Minimum RAM Megabytes: 98
    Used Server Ports: 2122
    Total IP Addresses: 3525
    Servers Per IP Address: 1.86553
    Unique Developer Reports: 626
    Malfunctioning Detections Dealt: 202
    Automatic Configuration Changes: 115
    File Piracies Prevented: 10586
    Spartan Plugin: 5802
    Spartan Syn: 398
Spartan Syn | Spartan's Extra Features
(398 customers have upgraded)
Spartan Syn is a Moderation tool also containing system upgrades that helps staff members moderate a server. It's an optional purchase that further extends Spartan's features, and financially maintains the Cloud feature for everyone, which comes with on-going server costs.

Click to Purchase Syn (37.50 EUR)

Payments are usually processed within 24 hours, you will be reached by us. Please purchase Spartan Syn with the same PayPal account you used to purchase Spartan. Email us at [email protected] if you have problems with your purchase.