Bedrock Server
An alternative way of looking at Minecraft hosting is a Minecraft Hosting Service accessible thru a Minecraft server. It aims to simplify the process by skipping steps such as creating an account, and to also get its users familiar in an instant by making the process part of the gameplay.


Always Online
Our server instances work 24 hours a day, every day of the month. We want our customers to have an excellent experience.

Amazing Pricing
All of our Minecraft plans beat the average market price of 3$ / GB. We specifically choose the system specs, so you can get what you pay for with no inconsistencies.
Dedicated Resources
Each server is hosted in its own "Cloud" machine, with powerful server CPUs, DDR4 Memory, and blazing fast SSD NVMe storage. We choose non-reseller multi-million dollar companies to serve our customers.

Simple Panel
Our panel is a collection of inventory menus that allow you to control your server, execute actions, and edit the configuration. We also offer management commands for use in Minecraft mobile-chat apps.
By Experienced Individuals
Our founder is an experienced and rapidly growing software engineer with best-selling products and multiple years of experience in the Minecraft Plugin Development, Website & Cloud industry. Learn more at

Transfer Service
If you wish to come to us from a different hosting service, you can request your server to be manually transferred by an authorized employee. This can also be done automatically via our innovative panel if you have Linux system access.
Not Convinced? Have Questions?
You can have unlimited day trials to test our products. Use this invite to join the official Discord server where you will find quality support, but also serveral other useful channels that may interest you.
Available Plans
Below is a list of our available plans. Please take a look and don't hesitate to provide us with feedback.
Included Features
The following list describes all included features you get with every plan.
Panel Screenshots
Below is a list of screenshots showcasing how the panel looks. Please click at the boxes to be redirected to an image.
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